SILVER Professional Woodworking Machinery is becoming a force in the North American woodworking machinery industry.  This well-recognized brand is from Golden Hill Industries, the direct importer of a wide range of equipment from Taiwan.  With over 20 years experience in the Asian market, SILVER provides top level machinery combined with quality tooling, abrasives and accessories.  If you're looking for woodworking equipment from one of the best "new" players, make sure to include Silver in your choices.


Moulders (Feed-Through)

9"X6" Moulder at a price that you can get a quick return on your investment!

Our Price ...$ 21,800
Straight Line Rip Saw

A lot of machine for the money, this SILVER Straight-Line Rip might be right for you!

Our Price ...$ 8,980
Cutoff Saw (Under-Cut)

The SILVER SYFC-18 offers fast, accurate and affordable cutting for your productioon requirements!

Our Price ...$ 3,700